What’s the number one sport in Australia and New Zealand?

Cool stuff. Interesting the difference in popularity with the two countries so close in proximity.
Yeah I hadn't thought about it til now, and I have to admit you're right—in that it is interesting—moreso than I'd initially expected it could be.
(*I've just gotten back from taking a week offline, during which I've repeatedly found myself thinking about how to actually contribute something meaningful/or at least somewhat interesting for ya'll here @OTD)

Right now I'm really curious as to what you guys think of Aussie rules football?
(😄Even to me, it's such an unusual sport. I've never seen it played in real life)
I found this guy[*American] reacting to some rugby clips and honestly I'm kinda surprised he's tripppin so hard because rugby—and getting totally smashed in vicious tackles—is pretty much "normal" from my pov.
(*Still recall my first ever severe winding at age 9, after this big as dude Eugene-(more than twice my size)-slam tackle/pile drivered me, geezuz cripes it was painful. 😂Lol, good times.)

Tbh I often think that if rugby was "normalized"/popular in the states like it is here, then I'd expect ya'll would prolly expedite taking it to extremes far beyond what it currently has been.
-(*by that I simply mean that-(*like most other things)-ya'll US badasses would probably end up absolutely dominating the sport world-wide. 😄,... c'mon now, don't deny it)