Man Dominates Professional Womens Rugby Team

Yep, exactly my thoughts too...🤔c'ept I was also laughin' at it all tbh.

Imo, the entire charade is completely fkn absurd... and frankly I can not even begin to fathom the mental gymnastics it must require in order to rationalize this blatant nonsense as anything but nonsensical.
It won’t stop until the real women refuse to compete with a trans woman.
Yeah, except it'd be more accurate to say: it won't stop til actual women refuse to compete with biological men—and furthermore, that we all staunchly supported the actual women when they do refuse.

Also might help if we all finally called out and then thoroughly dealt with the primary source of all this depraved hermaphroditic gender bender perversity...

Imo there ain't no such thing as a "trans woman". These are simply delusional men who ought to be undergoing long-term psychological treatment &/or locked in mental health facilities instead of being promoted and encouraged by our vacuous "celebrity"-"leadership" idols via Talmud-stream propaganda.

But that's just my opinion, and I'm wholly intolerant of these occult parasites.
For years now I've been pointing out that "trans" & "lgbtq" identifying individuals are entirely not sound minded persons by a long shot.

This opinion is simply based upon the overtly perceptible behavioral presentations of literally every "lbgtq" screecher, and "trans" identifying clown I've ever witnessed.

I'm certainly no academia qualified expert on the subject, but frankly one does not need to be in order to recognize the glaringly apparent psychological dysfunctionality presented by these pro-"gender bender" "trans" clowns.

Of course I'm quite sure most people can very easily see these "lgbtq" imbeciles & "trannys" are not right in the head, however the specific way I perceive of any subject individual, is from a perspective arguably similar to that of an average psychologist. By that I mean, when observing an individual, I try to notice subtle indicators of internal patterns, rather than just what can easily be seen outwardly. Basically I look for signs of core characteristics, motivators & intentions. 😂 This is definitely not easy to do either and I'm an amateur.

Anyways, I think when the average non-psychologically fascinated person witnesses a "tranny", they likely-primarily sense the same/or similar completely healthy degree of disgust as I do whenever I see these ghastly men failing miserably at pretending to be women.
Imo it is healthy to feel disgust towards the disgusting otherwise we wouldn't have basic common standards of decency and would have devolved long ago into a disgusting species akin to bipedal pigs.

Yet I sense much more than mere disgust when I see these "tranny" clowns.

Eg: these men pretending to be "women" in female sports, are not the same as "trannies". Rather these pseudo-"women" are very clearly mere opportunistic cowards devoid of any sense of shame.
*These are "Anti-Social"-"PDs" × "Narcissistic"-"PDs", aka: "Malignant Narcissists"/or "Narcopaths".
🤨These types do not feel shame or embarrassment, and they simply don't care in the slightest what anyone thinks of them, because as far as these individuals are concerned, they are essentially "god" and everyone else is their personal play things.

Now regarding "trannies" specifically, I also see the deceptive intent and manipulative motivation being actively concealed. I see predatory deviants gleefully masquerading as if to be "victims". Often acting "friendly" & "playful" as a means to fool others into lowering their guard. Eg: the clownish bright colors and absurdly flamboyant attire.

☝️😎 Exactly the same bloody nonsense full blown common "Narcissistic"-"PDs" do, except common "Narcs" typically only adopt a facade most likely to present a false higher social status rather than what the "tranny" clowns are actually doing.
In both cases it's merely a mask used to conceal the real decrepit predatory creature within.

Now, imo, "trannies" are significantly moreso concerning than a common "Narc" specifically due to what is being targeted...

...and it's probably not difficult to guess what that is either. Just consider how most "trannies" outwardly present their perverted selves...

...and like common "Narcs", the outward appearance is the bait they believe best suited to attract their intended prey.

Common "Narcs" typically target individuals with material wealth &/or social status with which to basically leech off.
Whereas "Trannies" prey target is clearly children!
George Soros is a Talmudic crypto-"jew".

The Talmud literally encourages these twisted cultists practice pedophilia, rape, gender benderism, murder, exploitation, deception, and much worse.

This shit all emanates from what we've been indoctrinated into believing are "gotts chosey peepo".