Can Kirby truly be considered the 🐐 until he overtakes Saban in National Championships?

Kirby = Dabo until he shows he can sustain success.

Dabo is 2-2 against Saban and Kirby is 1-4.

Dawgs are tops right now, but Kirby needs to show sustained success at the highest level before he moves up a tier

If they 3 peat we can have this conversation again
Kirby GETS 3 IN A ROW......


(Im not wadding into deep into this BUT go find another coach that was part of 2 different B2B champ teams (Kirby is that guy) AND IF he were to pull off 3 in row......BASICALLY he will be the GOAT at the end of his career. Still has to pile up more titles BUT any honest person would admit the feat was unimaginable!)