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So, a few weeks ago I hooked this chick up with around a hundred and fifty kgs of weed clippings.
She reckoned she used to work at a weed cafe and could make proper edibles, like weed cookies, chocolates & stuff.

Tbh I figured she was full off shit, but thought I'd give her an opportunity to prove herself.

Caught up with her a couple of days ago....and holy f_ck.....😃turns out she wasn't lying....

...and... so... I... just... spent.... the last two😄... hazy af days in a severe state of "chillin' the absolute f_ck out", while munchin' store quality edibles the whole time....

....but by "chillin'", I actually-euphemistically mean I went on a mad rampage....literally turning upside down—cleaning & reorganizing my entire blimmin' house.

Groggily woke up this morning from what may be the best sleep I think I've ever had, to find every bloody square inch of this house is shockingly spotless....😂and I ain't gonna deny that at the moment I can only sorta vaguely recall doin' some of it.

Probably similar to what Rebarcock. feels like.. 🤣all the time...