Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy Sparks Outrage, Admits to Driving Drunk '1000 Times'

Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy Sparks Outrage, Admits to Driving Drunk '1000 Times'

By: Luke Evans | 07/10/2024


Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy has ignited a storm of controversy by claiming he has driven under the influence of alcohol "a thousand times" throughout his life. Gundy made these remarks Tuesday at Big 12 media days while discussing a DUI incident involving Oklahoma State running back Ollie Gordon.

"So, I looked it up on my phone what would be the legal limit? Like, in Oklahoma, it's .08. And Ollie was 0.1. So I looked it up. And it was based on body weight. Not to get into the legal side of it, but I thought, really, two or three beers, or four - I'm not justifying what Ollie did - I'm telling you what decision I made. Well I thought, 'I've probably did that 1,000 times in my life.' Which is fine. So, I got lucky, people get lucky," Gundy told the media when explaining his rationale for not suspending Gordon.

The coach's comments have elicited a wide range of reactions. Some people have praised his honesty, while others have condemned his seemingly nonchalant attitude towards drunk driving.

For the record, Ollie Gordon II is 20, which means his legal limit is not .08, it’s .00.

After his comments went viral, Gundy quickly tweeted a clarification, explaining that his remarks were not about any specific event. He intended to speak broadly about making poor choices.

This incident has sparked a debate about the responsibility of public figures in addressing serious issues like drunk driving. It also raises concerns about the potential impact of such statements on public perception and safety.

To be fair, Gundy is known for speaking his mind, and he was simply explaining his rationale, right or wrong, for not suspending Gordon. He could have chosen his words more carefully. However, no reasonable person would believe that Gundy condones his players driving under the influence of alcohol.

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    Jul 10, 2024
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