LeBron James is 'Mad' He's Not Kyrie Irving's Teammate Anymore

LeBron James is 'Mad' He's Not Kyrie Irving's Teammate Anymore

By: Brooks L | 06/05/2024

LeBron and Kyrie

On a recent episode of ESPN's "Get Up", host Mike Greenberg and sportswriter Brian Windhorst delved into LeBron James' candid remarks about missing his former teammate, Kyrie Irving. LeBron expressed his frustration and nostalgia for the days when he and Kyrie dominated the court together.

Reflecting on Kyrie's current performance, LeBron praised his growth and abilities while also revealing his regret over not being Kyrie's running mate anymore. LeBron's comments were made during a new episode of his "Mind the Game Podcast with Lebron James and JJ Redick", adding a layer of intrigue to his statements.

LeBron James Opens Up About Kyrie Irving Making It Back to the NBA Finals.

When Kyrie left the Cleveland Cavaliers, he and LeBron experienced a period of estrangement that lasted four years. However, they eventually reconciled to the point where LeBron actively sought a reunion with Kyrie when he was on the trade block. The Lakers made attempts to acquire Kyrie, but ultimately, the Dallas Mavericks' offer prevailed.

Last summer, Kyrie expressed interest in LeBron joining him in Dallas, but contractual obligations made this scenario unfeasible. Although the Lakers had the opportunity to create cap space for Kyrie, they chose to re-sign their existing players after reaching the Western Conference Finals.

"I am so mad that I am not his running mate anymore."

Despite these near misses, the possibility of a LeBron-Kyrie reunion remains uncertain. The NBA's unpredictable nature, however, means it's never entirely off the table. Kyrie even made a conspicuous appearance at a Grizzlies-Lakers 2023 Playoff game, fueling further speculation.


  • LeBron and Kyrie won an NBA Championship together in 2016
  • Kyrie has averaged 22.8 points per game in the 2024 playoffs
  • LeBron's Lakers reached the Western Conference Finals in 2023

Kyrie's contract situation also played a role in the dynamics, as he signed for less than the maximum contract, possibly in hopes of pushing the Mavericks to offer him more or to leave space for a potential Lakers move.

The discussion on "Get Up" highlighted the potential fit between LeBron and Kyrie, with Windhorst noting that if LeBron were truly running the Lakers, Tyronn Lue would be the coach, and Kyrie would be the point guard. This dynamic underscores the complexities and speculations surrounding their careers.

Little-known fact: Kyrie Irving made a surprise appearance at a Grizzlies-Lakers 2023 Playoff game, sparking rumors of a potential reunion with LeBron.

In reality, Kyrie is currently teamed up with Luka DonĨić, a partnership drawing comparisons to LeBron's influence. Their chemistry and the team's youth make the current situation favorable for Kyrie. The Lakers, on the other hand, would have had to sacrifice significant assets to reunite the duo.

As LeBron continues to voice his admiration and regret, Kyrie seems content with his role in Dallas, appreciating the ecosystem that has allowed him to thrive both mentally and physically. The ever-evolving NBA landscape keeps fans and analysts alike speculating on what the future holds for these two stars.

Ultimately, while LeBron laments the missed opportunity to play alongside Kyrie again, Kyrie appears to have found a new home where he can continue to grow and succeed.

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    Jun 5, 2024
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