Lane Kiffin and Girlfriend Sally Rychlak Reel in the Big One Over the Weekend

Lane Kiffin and Girlfriend Sally Rychlak Reel in the Big One Over the Weekend

By: Luke Evans | 07/06/2024


With college football just around the corner, anticipation is building as media day approaches and football stories begin to dominate headlines. In the meantime, captivating stories like Lane Kiffin and his girlfriend Sally Rychlak's recent adventure keep us entertained.

Before we know it, players will be reporting for team practice, gearing up for the upcoming season. This past weekend, Lane Kiffin and Sally Rychlak grabbed everyone's attention with an impressive feat: reeling in a big catch during a deep-sea fishing excursion. What's more fitting than celebrating a big catch during the height of summer?

The display of skill and achievement was quite impressive, perhaps a testament to the influence of Ole Miss resources on such adventures.

Sally Rychlak, an Ole Miss graduate from the class of 2019 and currently serving as a Major Gift Officer at SMU, has been by Lane's side since late 2023. Her background as a former collegiate cheerleader and Ole Miss graduate adds to the dynamic duo's charisma.

Lane Kiffin, known for his passion for football and fishing, has already celebrated successes with Sally by his side, including a 2023 tribute on National Girlfriend Day.

Cheers to Lane for embracing life with gusto, even if his partner is closer in age to his daughters. Here's to more touchdowns and big catches ahead!

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    Jul 6, 2024
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