Girlfriend Proves 'She's a Keeper' with Classy College Football 25 Gesture

Girlfriend Proves 'She's a Keeper' with Classy College Football 25 Gesture

By: Brooks L | 06/18/2024

College Football 25 Main Image

Ladies and gentlemen, we are less than one month away from the release of the latest installment in the NCAA football video game franchise, a cult classic series for many. It's been 11 years since the last release, with NCAA 14 coming out in July 2013.

Electronic Arts (EA) Sports paused production of its college football video game, "NCAA Football," after settling a lawsuit with former players who weren't compensated for their name, image, and likeness (NIL). EA announced in February 2021 that the game would return after student-athletes were granted permission to seek compensation for their NIL.

The return of the game has many men amped up in anticipation, with their wives and girlfriends knowing they're about to have a lot of free time on their hands as the men play on the virtual gridiron.

"Girlfriend thought the game came out in June instead of July. Maybe she’s tired of hearing me talk about it she’s a keeper tho," the Reddit user explained.
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Reddit User's Girlfriend's Cake for College Football 25 Release

Well done! This guy needs to make this girlfriend an honest woman and wife her up by July 19th. We here at OTD are not sure it gets much better than this—a woman who understands Road to Glory, Online Dynasties, and the pageantry of College Football played out on the virtual gridiron.

Who Will Be in the Game

All 134 FBS teams will appear in the game. EA Sports also made offers to every player on an FBS roster to be a part of the game, with over 12,800 players accepting that offer as of May.

Who Will Be on the Cover

EA released its cover art on May 16. They detailed that the standard cover will feature Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers, Colorado two-way star Travis Hunter, and Michigan running back Donovan Edwards.

EA College Football 25 Cover

EA Sports College Football 25 Cover Athletes

What Features Will the Game Have

The game will feature many of the past popular gameplay modes such as Dynasty Mode with an online version that supports up to 32 players, Road to Glory, and Head-to-Head with online play, among others. There are new features that align with modern college football, such as the transfer portal and College Football Playoff.

How Will Gameplay Look and Feel

EA Sports released a video deep diving into the 'College Football 25' gameplay. "College Football 25" will have a CampusIQ gameplay feature set, which includes a Wear and Tear system, player abilities, home field advantage, unique playbooks, and a host of new mechanics that deliver the fast-paced gameplay unique to college football.

College Football 25 | Gameplay Deep Dive


The anticipation for "College Football 25" is palpable among fans, as the beloved series returns after an 11-year hiatus. EA Sports has pulled out all the stops, incorporating both classic gameplay modes and new features that reflect the current landscape of college football. With over 12,800 players involved and a cover featuring top college stars, the game promises to deliver an authentic and exciting experience. Fans are eagerly counting down the days to get back on the virtual gridiron and relive the pageantry and excitement of college football.

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